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Neck Lift in Miami

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Restore a Youthful Appearance With a Neck Lift

If you have noticed sagging skin under your chin, along your jowls, or on your neck, a neck lift might be an option for you to consider.

Your neck is oftentimes one of the first areas to show signs of aging - such as skin laxity, wrinkles, loose muscles, and sun damage. If you’re happy with your upper face, but not satisfied with signs of aging in your neck and feel it doesn’t match, then this procedure can reshape you and restore a youthful appearance to your neck. Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz is an experienced Miami neck lift surgeon who specializes in deep contour neck lifts, modern facelift techniques, and eyelid surgery. You will experience the highest level of service from your first inquiry until your final appointment. With almost ten years of service, board-certified Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz can help you reach your cosmetic ideal so you can find confidence and self-esteem in your appearance.

Miami Neck Lift Surgeon Dr. Rodriguez Feliz
Miami Neck Lift Surgeon Dr. Rodriguez Feliz

What Is A Neck Lift?

The older you get, the looser your skin and muscle become. In addition, fat deposits can build up on different areas of the face, just as under the chin. A neck lift, also known as a platysmaplasty, is a cosmetic procedure meant to improve visible signs of aging in your jaw and neck.

During your consultation for a neck lift Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz will discuss your concerns and your cosmetic goals. He will then customize a plan designed just for you. As he knows no two patients are the same, your neck lift procedure can include a combination of skin reduction, muscle tightening (also known as platysmaplasty), ultrasound sound-energy liposuction, J-Plasma & Renuvion for skin tightening, RF microneedling for skin resurfacing, and collagen stimulation, and much more.

What to Expect During a Neck Lift

Neck lifts are outpatient surgical procedures. Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz performs all facial surgery under local and/or twilight sedation. Without the use of general anesthesia, bruising, swelling and recovery times are substantially minimized. Learn more about the benefits of Twilight Sedation during your facial surgery with Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz. After your neck lift surgery, you will recover in Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz’s state-of-the-art accredited surgery center and be monitored as you come out of light sedation.

Miami photo Miami Neck Lift

Why Should I Receive a Neck Lift?

This procedure focuses on your lower face and neck, as some patients are still happy with the rest of their faces and don’t feel ready for a full facelift. When your neck area doesn’t match your upper face in appearance, a neck lift can be the best option. additionally, it is common to undergo a neck lift and facelift simultaneously due to both areas aging at the same rate.

A Choosing Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz to perform your facial surgery means you’re in the hands of a skilled surgeon with expertise on the most modern and effective face and neck lift Miami has to offer. Neck lift surgery can treat several issues, including the following:

  • Loose skin on your neck
  • Extra fat under your chin area
  • Unnecessary lumps or rolls on your neck from muscle banding in your neck
  • Extra fat and skin on your lower face, causing the skin to sag and create jowls

The Neck Lift Procedure

From there, Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz will complete one of two options:

Traditional Neck Lift Incision

This kind of procedure involves an incision that starts in front of the ears, goes around your ears, and ends in the bottom back of your head hidden along the hairline. After the incision, Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz will reshape and reposition fat and tissue around the neck and jowls. Many times, the platysma muscle is tightened as well either from the front or lateral skin-platysma displacement. Once the contouring is complete, Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz will redrape your skin and remove the extra tissue. It’s also possible there will be another incision under the chin for liposuction, skin tightening, and/or to repair any muscle. If deep neck contouring is required such as removal of submandibular glands, Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz is one of the few surgeons that specialize in submandibular gland resection.

Limited Incision Neck Lift

This is a much smaller incision focused on the areas behind the ear hidden along the hairline without any visible incisions in front of the ears. This technique is most beneficial for patients experiencing mild signs of aging and laxity. The technique best suited for you will be addressed by Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz during your first in-depth consultation.

Neck Lift Miami

Why Choose Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz for My Neck Lift?

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz represents the next generation of surgical and non-surgical procedures for eyelids, face, and body aesthetics.

Catering to both local and international clientele at his state-of-the-art boutique practice and accredited surgical facility in Coral Gables, Florida, Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz is one of the few top-tier plastic surgeons who opt to pursue further aesthetic-surgery training after their residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Committed to mastering the most advanced techniques, he performed an elective fellowship in oculoplastic and aesthetic surgery under the tutelage of world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Codner. This additional training afforded Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz the opportunity to embrace and utilize his artistic eye while perfecting his aesthetic facial surgery skills.

Your Consultation for a Neck Lift in Miami

After nearly a decade in practice, Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz understands how to help patients achieve their desired results and aesthetic confidence. He and his staff are trained to treat you to the highest quality of service and ensure you get the look you’re searching for. If you would like to ease signs of aging through a neck lift, call (305) 563-3030 or email and take the next step.

Neck Lift Surgery FAQ

Due to genetics, gravity, stress, and environment, your neck and jaw can age faster than the rest of your face. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your jawline and neck, a neck lift is designed to reshape them and restore balance to your overall look. Even more than your age genetics play a big role in the aging of the neck and it is very common to see patients in their early 40s seeking a neck lift. This is especially true now with the results attainable with modern advanced techniques.

When you wake up from your procedure, you may notice that your neck feels tight, which is normal. There may be some soreness and swelling, but the pain is generally minimal. There may also be some bruising, which will contribute to how your neck feels. Most patients use over-the-counter pain relievers as needed.

Yes, but because the incisions are made around the ears, along the hairline, and under the chin, they are generally not visible and fade over time.

Neck lifts are most often considered elective surgeries and as such, your costs will be out of pocket. Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz offers financing and payment options for you if needed.

Bruising and swelling usually last a couple of weeks. Once the initial swelling fades, you will really be able to see the new contours of your neck. It can take up to three full months for the swelling to completely subside. It’s also important to avoid any heavy lifting while you heal to keep your stitches from coming apart as they heal. This includes lifting children and pets.

Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz requires that patients interested in having a neck lift done in Miami have a consultation before they schedule any surgery in order to establish their eligibility. Good candidates are in relatively good health, do not smoke, do not have chronic diseases that impair healing, and are unhappy with signs of aging on the face and neck.

Invest in the confidence that comes from loving your look. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Coral Gables plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz today.

You deserve the best for yourself. When you make the choice to receive plastic surgery in Coral Gables from Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz, you are choosing a specialist who is widely regarded by other professionals in his field as an expert in oculofacial plastic surgery. His innovative procedures and stunning results will help you be the best version of you.

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