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Eyelid Surgery and Eye-Area (Periorbital) Rejuvenation

Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz customizes each and every eyelid (blepharoplasty) procedure for the patient’s unique needs and goals, often combining several techniques to rejuvenate the upper and lower eyelids as well as the surrounding skin. In addition, revisional eyelid surgery can be performed to improve the outcomes of previous procedures that may have resulted in appearance- or function-related concerns. With extensive experience and an unparalleled passion for performing the entire spectrum of surgical eye procedures, Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz will recommend the approach he believes is best for attaining the most natural-looking end result that meets the patient’s expectations.

Eyelid surgery and eye-area rejuvenation can improve a wide array of concerns including:

  • Age-related sagging of the upper eyelids
  • A fatigued appearance
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Dark circles
  • Under-eye bags and puffiness
  • Under-eye hollows
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Drooping eyebrows
  • Sparse and thinning eyebrows
  • Short, thin eyelashes

Every eyelid surgery consultation begins with VECTRA 3D Facial Analysis. This state-of-the-art imaging system ensures Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz accurately understands the patient’s primary concerns and helps communicate the changes necessary in order to achieve their goals. This innovative system also provides detailed measurements and diagrams while simulating potential surgical outcomes.

Complementary procedures and treatments

Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz subscribes to the philosophy that aging is an ongoing process that affects distinct areas of the face in various ways, and often at a different pace. He believes in taking a comprehensive approach to eye-area and facial rejuvenation, which is why he may suggest additional surgical procedures and/or non-invasive treatments to optimize the results achieved with eyelid surgery—and help enhance balance and harmony with other areas of the face as needed at a specific point in time.

Additional surgical procedures

The forehead and mid-face are just mere inches away from the eyes, and there are several surgical procedures that Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz may recommend for more comprehensive rejuvenating results.

  • Tear trough correction: Repositioning fat during eyelid surgery helps improve a sunken or hollow appearance beneath the eyes—and helps create a smooth transition from the under-eye area to the upper cheeks.
  • Endoscopic browlift: Eyebrow drooping or asymmetry can be improved with an endoscopic browlift, which uses small incisions within the hairline to elevate the brows and restore them to a more youthful position.
  • Temporal lift: This targeted procedure lifts the outside edges, or “tails” of the brows to help further uplift the outer corners of the eyes, smooth crow’s feet and lift the tissues of the upper cheeks.
  • Mid-Facelift: Generally more appropriate for younger patients with less skin laxity, this abbreviated facelift procedure restores the tissues in the cheek area to a more youthful position to improve the contours of the mid-face as well as hollows under the eyes.
  • Fat grafting to the mid-face: Adding fat to the mid-face at the time of eyelid surgery helps restore youthful plumpness and smooth the transition from newly-rejuvenated eyes to the cheeks. Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz generally harvests fat from the abdomen or inner thighs and mixes it with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to maximize survival without increasing recovery time.

Non-surgical eye-area enhancements

Most patients are overwhelmingly happy with the outcomes of eye-area surgery alone, yet the addition of one or more targeted non-surgical treatments can enhance surgical results and deliver even more dramatic improvement.

  • Injectables: Wrinkle-relaxing toxins such as Botox® and Dysport®, hyaluronic acid injectable fillers like Restylane® and Juvéderm®, and collagen-stimulating injectables such as Radiesse® and Sculptra® can help enhance and maintain the results of eyelid surgery.
  • Eyebrow transplantation: Similar to hair transplants for the scalp, eyebrow transplantation uses a patient’s own hair to permanently restore brow fullness as well as their definition, size and shape.
  • Eye-Area chemical peels: Formulated with trichloroacetic and lactic acids, an eye-area chemical peel helps improve fine lines, discoloration, firmness and overall skin quality over a series of treatments.
  • Latisse: Applied nightly like liquid eyeliner, this prescription-based eyelash-growth treatment yields longer, darker and thicker lashes in as little as a month, with full results visible in 16 weeks. Latisse can be used to enhance sparse or thinning eyebrows as well.

It’s important to understand that the eyes only represent a fraction of the face. Some patients may require more extensive surgical procedures such as a facelift and/or neck lift to achieve their facial rejuvenation goals. Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz believes that facial harmony is essential for natural-looking results, and he will explain how these other procedures can further improve the eyes (as well as the entire face) if necessary.

To learn more about eyelid surgery, eye-area (periorbital) rejuvenation or schedule a consultation with Dr. Rodríguez-Feliz, call (305) 747-7739.

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